Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

My Cup Runneth Over

Things are REALLY busy at work right now. I work in a school system, so there is an end in sight. The trouble is that there is a limited time in which to accomplish the legal requirements. So, I have made a schedule to make sure that all of my legal responsibilities are performed within the given timeframe. :) That felt good. Knowing that it was possible, and that there was a plan to follow which would lead to a successful conclusion.
That was Friday. Since that time, new legal requirements and responsibilities have been added. No fault. No person to blame. Just a part of the “business” I am a part of these days. The schedule that had room for a few short breaths now does not have room for eating, much less catching my breath. :)

I envision a tea cup. One that’s functional with beauty, and maybe even a hint of elegance. It has bright colors and floral designs painted on it. I imagine it with milk in it. The milk is up to the rim of the cup. It is close to spilling, but hasn’t broken the barrier of overflow. (Viscosity comes to mind, it that the right principle?) Then, a drop of milk is added. Balance is maintained. And another drop is added. No overflow. Balance maintained with greater effort. Another drop added. The boundary is visibly at the edge of the cup………
Soon, the cup will be drained for a time and the legal requirements and responsibilities will not demand my energies and attention.

An overflowing cup of joy is wonderful. An overflowing cup of grief can be cleansing. An overflowing cup of responsibility is no way to live! There is no room to pick up the cup and enjoy the contents. There is no room to add a little sweetener. No room to mix up the contents with a little stir. No room to share with a friend by pouring into their cup.
Please, grant me the wisdom to keep my cup of life’s responsibilities full, but with room for enjoyment and flexibility!! :)


mid-life rookie said...

Praying for you and your cup!

mid-life rookie said...

Hey how are you all and the house? Been prayin and wonderin.

Melissa May said...

Hi there! I just had to pop over from the LPM blog and say I saw your comment on the SLI discussion and LOVE what you said... "Feel the insecurity. Do it anyway!" Thank you for sharing that! I needed that and expect I'll be speaking that to myself many times in the days and weeks to come. : )