Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Breath of Life in an Unlikely Place

Breath of Life in an Unlikely Place

Where we live, today(originally written on 4/30/09) was a day of testing for the students. Part of my job today was to help monitor the administration of the 8th grade science test to a group of students who find learning at school to be very difficult. The administrator read the test to them to help them be more successful and show what they truly know about science.
And, there, I learned something new. Now, you should know that I love science of most kinds and found the questions fun and interesting and educational. (Did I tell you I’m a bit of a gweeb? :))
One of the questions was, “What is the purpose of respiration?” My mind answered, “…to help us breathe.” My answer was not one of the choices. One of the choices was "to provide energy." Hmmmmm. And then, Genesis came to mind, and I could see the lump of clay in the shape of a man, and I could hear God providing the breath of life……to provide energy. That is what we are. A ball of energy contained in a body. At an earlier time, it amazed me to learn in science that we are electric. We are energy. We contain energy. We contain the Breath of God. Our bodies are merely vessels for this amazing source of life….of energy. :) Several pieces of the puzzle came into place and made a whole picture.
Sometimes the energy rises in me so powerfully. It wants to fly, to be free, to do, to love, to make better, to make a difference. Music seems to “talk” to that energy in me, like they are almost of the same stuff in some kind of way.
So, I can choose with my energy three avenues. I can waste it, I can spend it, and I can invest it. And I can choose those three avenues on two planes-physical and spiritual. I think I will make more conscious choices and ask for help from the Giver of Breath. :) I want my “song of life” to sound beautiful and to be useful and helpful.

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mid-life rookie said...

Great thoughts! In CPE I learned to think of expiring as breathing our life breath back to God. We are inspired - have the life breath of God breathed into us at the beginning of earthly life and we breath life breath back to God at the end of earthly life.